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Chip Boswell Scholarship Application Form 

Background: Each year the Spouses' Association of SECT provides two

$500 scholarships: one to a deserving, active member of the spouses’ association and one to a deserving member of the local Coast Guard family. The scholarship may be used for any educational purpose. No person shall be awarded this scholarship more than twice. Priority will be given to applicants pursuing their initial two- or four-year degree or certification.

Please complete the application and submit on or before May 15. Scholarship recipients will be notified by June 15.

*Those eligible include CG members, active or reserve, CG retirees, CG-affiliated Public Health Service members, civilian employees of the CG, and spouses or children of the above. “Local” is defined as all personnel at CG units in the New London-New Haven area and CG retirees and reservists in southeastern Connecticut.

Applying as:
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